Rad Swim

Like half of America, bathing suits are what I live in during the summer so I want them to be as cute as possible.  Rad Swim has the cutest modest suits!  All of their designs are so fun.  Every time I wear mine I get so many compliments!  Even though it is white, it is […]

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Ellie and George Necklaces

Simplicity is so in right now, and I am totally digging it.  Ellie and George has the cutest simplistic, dainty jewelry that literally looks good with anything!  I have the hexagon necklace in silver and gold and wear each of them all the time.  I love that they are just enough. When it comes to […]

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Mission Belt + Giveaway!

Belts for Mitch… that guy.  He always needs a belt.  And I am always buying him new ones because either 1. it broke 2. the holes started ripping, stretching and cracking and it looked horrible I told him the Mission Belt was coming for him and he thought it was no big deal.  Then when […]

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Atlantek Designs + Giveaway!

Phone cases.  The best and the worst part of having a phone.  The best, because they make your phone cute and protect it; the worst because you have to actually find one that looks cute and protects it and doesn’t break the bank. Atlantek Designs solves the worst problem.  Seriously.  They have SO MANY designs […]

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Eleanora & Co. GIVEAWAY!

**INSERT: before you click on the site, know that it doesn’t launch until July 10th, so although everything says “sold out” they will be available on that date!! So go ahead and pick your favs now! Full disclosure: when my cute friend Katie told me she was starting a new line of baby rompers that […]

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