Baby #3 Gender Reveal

Since it’s our 3rd baby, we decided to do something low key but still fun for the kids to find out the gender.  Sorry the video quality isn’t great (not that mine ever are, but this is especially bad), but like I said, it was just low key for our families!     Why did […]

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Goodly Cookies (+GIVEAWAY!)

Who doesn’t love BIG, warm, delicious cookies delivered right to their door?!  Seriously, if you don’t, then you’ve never had the right cookie!  I got to try the chocolate chip cookies and red velvet chocolate chip cookies from Goodly Cookies in SLC and they were rockstars!  Seriously, so good!  The cookies are like the size […]

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Little Baby C #3!

We’ve been sitting on some big news.  1. because we wanted to wait until it was okay to share and 2. because we needed to wrap our heads around it.  Mainly #2 ha! A little bit before Christmas and just a couple of weeks before we moved into our new home, I found out I […]

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Wink Naturals (GIVEAWAY!)

If you haven’t already noticed, I love sharing natural, organic options for your family.  Recently, I have been using a few items from Wink Naturals that I love!   The first I have been using is probably my most favorite ha!  Their anxiety drops are really pretty spectacular.  Ever since I had Blake, and post-partum […]

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Kidz Shake! (GIVEAWAY!)

  My Blake will not eat ANYTHING. He literally says, “I don’t like food” whenever I tell him it’s time to eat. Yeah, I don’t know who’s child he is! Haha But seriously, he survives off of KRAFT (only) Mac N’ Cheese, “square pizza” (aka Totino’s frozen pizza’s), hot chocolate and french toast. I am […]

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Vybe Socks (Giveaway!)

Um. raise your hand if you have bought cute, soft socks and they get holes in them after like 2 months.  I’m betting your hand is raised.  Same with socks for Mitch.  He wears socks every day of his life so he goes through socks like crazy.  And even if there aren’t holes in them, […]

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