Beau & Belle Littles Swim Diapers


I don’t think I have ever used a disposable swim diaper.  I have always used re-usable swim diapers even though they haven’t always been my favorite.  They don’t fit well and they only fit for one summer.  But, I refuse to spend SO much money on swim diapers that I just rip off my kid and throw away since we go to the pool almost everyday.  Plus, I like to reduce waste to help save our planet.  Also, did you know that with the disposable swim diapers they don’t actually hold in the poo so you are supposed to use a liner as well?  MORE $$$.

I was recently introduced to Beau and Belle reusable swim diapers and my life changed.  Well, my pool life change.  But I am not exaggerating.  Seriously, every time I go to the pool with friends I brag about my swim diapers and show them how they work haha!  These diapers fit from birth until 18 months!  It is literally a ONE SIZE swim diaper!  They have snaps like actual cloth diapers so they grow with your baby!  You are literally saving SO much money by using Beau and Belle.  That is why I hated the ones from stores.  You spend lots of money and after like a month your baby’s thighs no longer fit into them.  And good luck getting the wet diaper off of them, it literally sticks on their body and won’t budge.  With Beau and Belle you just undo the snaps and pull it right off!  AND mine have been poop tested, and they definitely hold the poo in 😉

I know it’s so dumb that I am obsessed with my new swim diapers but that’s just part of being a mom right?! haha!  But seriously, I am actually obsessed.  You won’t see my Indy in the pool with any other diaper on and  don’t even have him wear swim trunks usually because the swim diaper is so dang cute!  We are fans for life!  To browse their adorable collection click HERE!


I received product in exchange for an unbiased review.  All reviews are 100% honest.


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