UpSpring Probiotics + Colostrum

Indy had colic, and lots and lots of gas as a teeny baby.  Well, I say teeny but his colic lasted until a little after 7 months of his life.  Our doctor had told us to find a probiotic for him but the exhaustion of being a new mom with a toddler and an infant with colic was too much for me to try to figure out how to give Indy probiotics.  Plus, I had zero energy to try to find one that I trusted.  Little did I know that UpSpring had a probiotic supplement that includes six strains as well as colostrum!  UpSpring is a terrific company so I knew their probiotic + colostrum supplement had to be great.  When they sent it to me, they had mentioned that it is great for adults too and I have been having some tummy issues recently (we are thinking candida overgrowth but the doctors keep saying it’s an ulcer) and doctors keep saying to take probiotics.  Every probiotic I have tried doesn’t seem to help and instead just tastes disgusting so I end up feeling sicker!  Since Indy’s colic is over and his digestive system is more than healthy (hahah!) and Blake seems normal, I figured I would use the probiotics for myself to test them out.  But then I did and loved them so much I couldn’t help but give them to my kids too!  When I did I realized that my kids must have been constipated because they started having an easier time going poo and definitely less gas!  I started to not have the pain in my stomach like I usually did and just overall felt better and less sluggish (yes! still dealing with the symptoms but symptoms have been lessened since I added this supplement to my regimen)!  I think even if we are totally good digestive system wise, it is still awesome to give our systems a boost!  The boxes come in a 30 day supply so you could simply give your body a 30 day boost, or keep using them regularly if you notice an awesome change like I did!

I will admit, the colostrum part freaked me out . . . I mean, that’s something my body makes to feed my babies in my milk . . . I don’t want that right?  WRONG!  The good people over at UpSpring sent me some info on colostrum and it completely changed my mind!  Colostrum helps with immune support which my kids most definitely need since they started going to child care at our gym haha!  Plus it acts like prebiotic to help with a healthy gut lining.
After I got past the colostrum thing, there was the taste thing.  These come in easy, on the go packets and are powder form.  I am not good with powdered supplements because I don’t usually like the tastes.  These literally have barely any taste.  It has a very slight one but I can’t put my finger on what it would compare to taste wise.  I just bring one along with me to throw into my water on the go!  SO, so easy.
Usually I don’t continue to take supplements that I need because I just forget to take them and they are inconvenient.  But with these in on-the go daily packets, it has made life, and my digestive system so much better!
To check out more info, to get all the details and to order a box for yourself,
Click HERE
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