Sleeping on Someone Else’s Cooties :: PARIS DAY 1


**DISCLAIMER:  I refer to restaurants and etc. but don’t say their names because I have about 5 minutes to write this before a kid screams.  BUT we stuck to the Europe Trip Itinerary for meals so check it out for details of the entire trip!  Also, see our trip video HERE for videos of everything as it happened!  **

The highlight of my trip was Greece so I didn’t have big plans for Paris, except the food.  Mitch had a 5 day long food tour planned for us and I was so excited!  We got to paris and wanted to drop off packs so messaged Amadou, the Airbnb host about meeting early. The train and subway took longer than expected and he had to go to work so when we got there he wasn’t there.  Of course, we also had no internet.  Mitch was able to pull up the listing even without wifi but his entire listing was in french so we really needed to message him.  We found some random guys at his complex and called up Amadou to have them talk to him on phone because Amadou didn’t understand any English over the phone but the guys also didn’t really speak english either.  Finally they found a way to communicate back and forth for us and they found out that the key had been in Amadou’s mailbox the entire time and he had it closed but not locked. We finally got into the room and since he had said that people were still there we just left our packs by the door and headed out.  But of course, first I made sure no one was there and took a peak into the room to see what it looked like and all around the flat … SO glad I did … more details later.

We had lunch at the yummiest crepe place.  Mitch had read that it was the top crepe place so of course we hit it first!  The best part though were the two guys sitting beside us gushing over their crepes.  In Europe, especially Paris, all of the tables are SO close together.  So we could hear their entire convo and of course they just happened to order the same 4 crepes that we did so every time they got their food we waited for their reaction so we knew what to expect for ours hahah!

We went to see the Moulin Rouge building and decided ya only live once and that we needed to get tickets, but we didn’t even know what happens there, only that it’s some kind of risque show (we are thinking Vegas risque).  The late night tickets were only 88 euro each so we went to the ticket counter and started buying tickets when we both had feeling not to.  We asked the employees if it was a lot of nudity and they said “not really” haha we walked around the corner and found a promotional video playing of the show found out it is full on nudity!  Like porn show minus the sex haha!  Mitch said he didn’t feel comfortable going, I was still thinking we should and that I didn’t care if he saw other women naked so if his concern was my feelings, then not to be worried about it. But he said if he would feel embarrassed to tell friends he went then we shouldn’t go and I realized he had a point, WWJD. and I wouldn’t do it if Jesus was around haha! But seriously, so we didn’t go.


The rest of the day we followed the itinerary… Sacred Heart Basilica… another basilica after Rome.. we were done with those.  But I have to brag for a minute.. although Mitch hates when I take his picture and hates even more when I make him take pictures at home, when we are on a trip he constantly wants to take pictures of me.  He knows how much I love having pictures as memories.  He asked if I wanted a pictures in front of beautiful basilicas as we walked past them and I told him no.  He insisted every time and I am so happy he is.  It is so awesome to be able to look back at how beautiful everything was in Europe, even if I didn’t appreciate it at that very moment.


Then we headed to Palais Garnier, aka the famous opera house.  It is incredible!  We were able to look into the actual theatre through a little window because they had it blocked off for rehearsals (everyone was being too loud so they had to do that).  Although we couldn’t really see in, it was incredible to see the rehearsals happening and to hear the music!  Of course we really wanted to experience the theatre though, and it was really expensive to get in haha so we asked the employees and they said to come back another time and they would let us in, but that there is no guarantee that it will ever be open to the public haha!  But we definitely were planning to stop back in!  I also really wanted to see a ballet but Mitch said he had already checked and tickets were nuts.  We realized, we were in Paris so we had to, but then we also realized that all we had with us were backpacks and grungy clothing so we had nothing to wear.  Bummer.  But next time!

A huge mall is right by the opera house and Mitch had read about these amazing eclairs.  This man ya’ll.  He killed the food tour.  The eclairs were incredible!  and were the prettiest things!  I almost couldn’t eat mine (see it on our trip video)!

Mitch had planned time for me to be able to go shopping, but with the new house being built I decided not to and instead wanted to go see the Eiffel Tower… I was way too excited to see it!  When we walked up to it, it took my breath away.  It isn’t beautiful or anything like that, it is just so huge.  So magnificent.  No movie had prepared me for it’s size.  And Vegas definitely hadn’t.  I was obsessed.  I wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon sitting in the grass in front of it and so we did just that!  Of course, we had a full on photo shoot too haha, luckily Mitch didn’t make me beg too much for more after the first 5 photos haha!  Seriously. I just loved it.

Our dinner spot was just around the corner from the Eiffel Tower so we went and put our names down so that we could go eat as soon as we were done with our Eiffel tower tour.  It took us a minute to find it and we looked like psychos searching for it, but it was so fun to be lost in Paris with my handsome man!  Then we headed back to the tower for our elevator ride up.  We went up to the middle and it was so pretty but then Mitch told me that we had another ride up to the very, very top!  Mitch had planned purposely for us to be at the top during the sunset and we were!! It was insanely perfect!  The view was incredible but it was freezing and so windy so we were dying but dealt with it for the view because it was that amazing seeing Paris all lit up at night from that high.  Mitch laughed because I am not a view person and cancelled every single dome view he had planned for every city hahah!  So he was happy that I finally enjoyed a view experience.

After the Eiffel Tower we ran to dinner because we were so late from spending way too much time gushing over the view.  The host was so incredibly nice and had our table still ready for us.  Dinner was incredible just like Mitch said it would be.  It was my favorite meal of the entire trip.  Seriously, if you’re ever in Paris, GO!

After dinner we were dead from the flight and the day so we headed back to the Airbnb,  when we came back to Amadou’s place it hadn’t been cleaned since other guests left.  I know this because it looked the exact same as when I peaked in when we first arrived.  Nothing was moved, same sheets on the bed, same pillow cases and there is no way he had time to do laundry because laundry in Europe takes HOURS, then there are no dryers so he definitely wouldn’t have had time to let them hang dry!  Of course I smelled the sheets and they smelled like other people.  The entire place was filthy, dirt everywhere, sheets dirty, floors were so dirty that they left our feet black … so bad.  We had started using the washer after we emailed him and he never responded hours later bc listing said included washer and dryer and well, like I said, washing clothes takes forever there so we had to get it started.  Amadou finally came home and came in super mad and saying that we need to pay extra for the wash.  We immediately knew that was our cue and we contacted Airbnb to explain the situation and immediately got refunded.  We were up all night doing it since we had no phone service and had to do it all via email.  Mitch didn;t want to tell Amadou we were really leaving because of filth since Airbnb had already informed him that was the reason so he told him we were leaving due to change of plans and would update him if we were leaving that night or in the morning.  He was SO mad and just went to bed.  We ended up having to sleep on the dirty sheets because we couldn’t get a response from another Airbnb host since it was so late.  We finally got a response early the next morning and as soon as he left for work because…  so awkward.  Luckily since we are Airbnb superhosts, they were extremely accommodating to us.. well and since I sent pictures of how filthy the place was hahah!  They helped us out and got us in more expensive listing for the same price and it was SO NICE.  Seriously, it was SO clean.  Disastrous night but it payed off in the end!

Our first DAY in Paris was a dream, the night not so much hahah!  But the next days were so, so good! I can’t wait to share the rest with ya’ll!


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