Mission Belt + Giveaway!


Belts for Mitch… that guy.  He always needs a belt.  And I am always buying him new ones because either

1. it broke

2. the holes started ripping, stretching and cracking and it looked horrible

I told him the Mission Belt was coming for him and he thought it was no big deal.  Then when it came and he opened it, his entire attitude changed.  This belt is sweet!!  And the black that he picked out is rad.  It took him a second to figure out how to use it (because he’s a man and they don’t believe in simply reading the directions) but once he got it he loved it even more!  The design of the buckle is incredible and makes it so that he can adjust the belt no matter how much weight he gains or loses.  Seriously, you have to watch their video on their site to see ho cool the mechanism is.  He said it’s also super easy to take on and off when going to the bathroom, changing, etc.  When looking at the site I had asked Mitch if he wanted a leather one or nylon one, he told me nylon because he will get more use out of it plus for that price he didn’t think the leather would be real.  When the box arrived it wreaked of leather and he immediately ate his words haha!  The leather is real and it is great quality!  Even the nylon belts have leather on them for the tightening mechanism.

Another cool feature is that the buckles are interchangeable, so you can customize them!  But what I loved the most about them is how easy it was to pick out his size.  Ordering online is always a struggle but when ordering the Mission Belt they put exactly which pant size each belt will fit THEN if it is still too big, it is SUPER easy to shorten.  We ordered exactly for Mitch’s pant size and it fits perfectly.

Mission Belt uses a part of it’s proceeds to give to aid to those who need it worldwide, hence the name “Mission” belt.  So every time you order, you are also helping others!

They have a HUGE selection of all kinds of belts.  I was just scanning their site and saw that they added canvas belts.  Your man NEEDS the gray canvas one or the Sangria Red one!  Seriously, Mitch getting excited over a clothing item is a big deal so trust me when I say, these belts ROCK!  To browse their selection and make an order click HERE!



I received product in exchange for an unbiased review.  All reviews are 100% honest.


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