Herban Roots All-Natural Bug Spray

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When it comes to bug spray for my kids I used to just avoid it (emphasis on the “used to” part… you’ll see).  Ya’ll know I love my oils but I just have never thought that they work at all and especially not as well as DEET and all the chemical filled stuff, but I just don’t feel comfortable putting that on my kids.  So I just stayed away from it all and my kids have never really had bites.  When I was offered the opportunity to try out a bottle of all-natural bug spray from Herban Roots, who is also a NC momma (I’ll always be an NC momma), of course I was ecstatic.  But definitely weary on whether it would work or not.

While planning for Draper Days activities I read that mosquitos in Draper had test positive for West Nile Virus.  Freak out moment!!!  So I took along my Herban Roots bug spray and we were really going to put it to the test.  As we sat during the concert at first I could not keep the bugs off of me.  It was so annoying.  That’s when I remembered I had the bug spray in my diaper bag! DUH!  So I sprayed it on me and the kids and ta-da.  Literally instantly so more annoying mosquitos and bugs all over me.  It was incredible.  I seriously wish I could put into words how impressed I was.  And it didn’t even take very many sprays, just one on each arm and one on each leg.  I am actually allergic to mosquitos and am one of those people who somehow attract them.  I usually have welts all over from spending a couple of hours outside during dusk.  I came home with ZERO bites.  This stuff is the real deal guys.  Simply incredible.

It is only made of essential oils and other natural ingredients and to make it even better, 35% of the ingredients are ACTIVE ingredients!  Plus it costs the same, if not less as a bottle of the toxic, chemical filled stuff.  And if you need more convincing, it smells incredible.  I’m serious guys.  I am SO impressed.  This stuff from Herban Roots is phenomenal!

For more info and to order, click HERE!


I received product in exchange for an unbiased review.  All reviews are 100% honest.


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