Cars.Com: Everything You Need as a Car Owner in One Place!

We have all heard of but have you heard of everything the site has to offer?!  Obviously you know about the buying and selling features but did you know that they publish articles on recommendations, reviews and general information about different cars?  They literally have everything you need to make your car buying or selling process a breeze as well as info to keep your car working great.  Want to sell your car? Easy!  Use their site to find your car’s value then list it right there as well!  OR you can use their value feature to see if it is even a good idea to sell your car in the first place.  OR you can use the same feature to see if you are getting a good deal on a car you are looking to buy!

Does your car have a recall?  No clue? Just check

Need to find a service center?  Go to for help locating one.

Want to make sure you’re getting a fair price on a service?  Head to to use their service price estimator.

Need to know when it is the right time to change your fluids?  Click over to for Maintenance 101 help.

I mean seriously, this site is jam packed with valuable info.  From child carseat check info on almost every car, to the most up to date car reviews, to estimating your car payment has you covered.  I am so ignorant when it comes to cars, but after a few hours on I feel pretty good in my general car maintenance knowledge.  Although Mitch knows a decent amount about cars, we still have to go to a mechanic or do a google search whenever a problem with our cars comes up.  Life is now so much easier that we know about  No more google searches and reading a gazillion sites, all the info we need is in one place.  Plus we now only go to a mechanic when it is necessary rather than going just to find out what the problem is when it can typically be handled by Mitch at home. isn’t just for buying or selling, it is a terrific resource for any car owner, well car driver!  We all have car issues, it comes with the territory, but make sure you are knowledgeable on your car so that you know how to handle any issue that arises. is your go-to site for buying, selling AND owning a car.  Check out their site today!


I was hired to post this article.  All info and opinions are my own.


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