Atlantek Designs + Giveaway!


Phone cases.  The best and the worst part of having a phone.  The best, because they make your phone cute and protect it; the worst because you have to actually find one that looks cute and protects it and doesn’t break the bank.

Atlantek Designs solves the worst problem.  Seriously.  They have SO MANY designs that you can’t not find one that you love and they don’t break the bank and they are protective!  I actually found so many that I texted them to several of my friends and family asking for their help in picking haha!  I then couldn’t even decide so I had the owner, Alex pick for me out of my 2 favorites.  We decided on the marble with my guys initials, “m+b+i” and I was so excited!  Funny though, I told Mitch that I loved both of the designs I had picked out and was going to need to order the other one eventually.  LUCKIEST MAIL DAY EVER.  Alex had sent me both!  Seriously, SO NICE!  As if that doesn’t show how nice and caring Alex is about his customers, check out this little diddy that he sent to me.  Remember, as a review blogger, we receive the product for free in exchange for an HONEST review.  So companies don’t have to cater to us, they don’t have to send us their product perfectly packaged, etc.  But Alex cares so much about his clients and his product that he wants everyone to have the best experience:

“If you don’t mind though, I’d actually like to wait a few extra days than normal to send your case. I was in the middle of purchasing some simple but custom packaging supplies for people who want it and I’d love to send your case packaged that way. Normally, I have the cases sent straight from my lab, which saves both shipping time and cost, and I send a personalized post card thanking folks for their order. But I want to be able to offer the option to have the cases a little more ‘gift-ready’ before the holiday season.

Ultimately, I will be purchasing the equipment to do it all in house. Since I decided to go with the better quality and higher cost cases and printing supplies that are made in the UK and US rather than the more common ones made in China, I’ve been waiting and gauging the business before investing. There are so many reviews for cell phone shops on Etsy where people complain the printing was bad, or the case broke within weeks, or even days of use. I couldn’t, in good conscience, send that kind of product out, so I went looking for better quality. Luckily, I found it!”

I was going to paraphrase that, but I just love how you can tell how much he cares behind his words.  Also, when looking at his reviews, every single person commented on how much the postcard that he sends meant.  How personable it was.  And that is exactly how I felt about Alex as well.  The cases came in these darling little drawstring bags so that you can immediately gift the case and then it can be re-used for jewelry while traveling, etc.


The reason I love small businesses are because of owners like Alex.  They care about their client and they care about making their product the very best it can be.  This guy and this shop are the real deal.

Both cases I have are excellent in both quality and appearance.  If you want slim with minimal protection( (but still has protection around the corners and sides of phone), go for the snap case.  I like it because it is so thin.  I usually use it when I know my phone will be in my pocket so that I don’t have anything bulky to carry around.  It literally protects all sides of the phone except for 2 inches on the top and bottom (as said before, it covers the corners completely).  It also comes around the front of the phone to give that little bit of added protection.

The tough case is my favorite because of it is so protective.  It has 2 layers, the cushion layer and the hard layer.  My phone gets dropped a lot… too much.  Indy always grabs it and throws it across the room.  He even grabbed it when we were in Home Depot and was rubbing it all across the floor.  I need a strong case and tough case from Atlantek Designs is exactly what works for me!

I know this is a long post, but I can’t stop blabbing about how much I not only loved the actual cases from Atlantek Design, but the entire experience as a whole.  I promise you will not be disappointed with your purchase!

To shop, click HERE!  And don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win a case on my instagram: @rockabyebabyblog


I received product in exchange for an unbiased review.  All reviews are 100% honest.


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