Eleanora & Co. GIVEAWAY!

**INSERT: before you click on the site, know that it doesn’t launch until July 10th, so although everything says “sold out” they will be available on that date!! So go ahead and pick your favs now!

Full disclosure: when my cute friend Katie told me she was starting a new line of baby rompers that have ZIPPERS instead of snaps I thought “I despise snaps but not enough to spend extra money on one with zippers.”  But, then I tried one of her zipper rompers and now I’ve been literally begging her to make bigger sizes so Indy can fit in them hahahh! Every momma hates snaps.  They suck!! Especially when you get a little baby who thinks they are too big for diaper changes and roll all round the whole time.  I don’t think I have ever successfully buttoned up a onesie or romper correctly the first time.  The first time I used the rompers from Eleanora & Co. I was blown away.  If you don’t believe me check out her video about them on the site to see how easy it is… you might see some people you recognize in it 😉 It is SO easy to change Indy’s diapers.  Whenever Indy needs a romper, I ALWAYS reach or mine from Eleanora even if he has worn it several times that week already and if he is a little too tall for it haha!  Convenience and simplicity is all I ask for when it comes to items for my kids and Katie nailed it!  Plus, they are all so cute!!!  I NEED a girl so that I can get her the little lemon one!  Is it bad juju if I go ahead and buy it because every line is limited edition and won’t be back?  OR can I just get it and it be gender neutral for Indy 😉


Another thing I love about this line is that Katie has worked really hard to find cute patterns for little boys, which my boy momma’s know is next to impossible.  Seriously, go in to the kids store, especially Old Navy, and take a look at how large the girls section is compared to the boys.  And she also has lots that are gender neutral which is usually what I try to buy so that it will work for all my kids.  For sizing purposes, Indy is a little larger than 12 month clothing and he fits great in his romper!  It is a little shorter than it is on other kids his age but that is because he is tall!  So if your little is in between 12-18 month-is clothing, the largest size will fit them!

Seriously, no exaggeration, Katie’s innovative rompers are what momma dreams are made of.  Easy to use, super cute, and great quality.  Plus, they are less expensive than any other boutique romper out there! I have tried a few rompers, including ones with stretchy necks that are made for potty training, but these zipper rompers from Eleanora and Co. really are my new favorite baby item!  They come in sizes ranging 0-12 months but I kid you not, I beg her every time I see her (which is often) to make them in bigger sizes, so keep your fingers crossed!  But for you lucky momma’s with babies still in size 0-12 months RUN to her site opening on July 10th because she only has a limited amount of each pattern.  I promise, you will not regret your purchase!!  AND for all momma’s she is currently doing a giveaway on her Instagram: @eleanoraandco !! I even entered it so that I can win one to save for our next baby!!! That’s how much I am obsessed with them!  Plus, with each purchase from Eleanora and Co, you’re supporting a really amazing momma and her family, that’s why I shop small and support small businesses!


PS Indy totally woke up with an ear infection the day of this photo shoot and I had no idea!!  He was in such a sad mood and didn’t give his usually cheesy smile and is why he is making weird faces haha he was trying to smile but he felt so sick 😦


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