NursElet :: Review and GIVEAWAY!


I learned how much I hated having to hold my shirt up with my chin while nursing Blake.  That’s why when Indy was born, you didn’t see me in anything except nursing friendly dresses.  I promise- go look in any picture or think back on any day (if you know me personally).  It literally my biggest nursing pet peeves.  My second is NEVER knowing which side I last started the feeding on.  I normally spend a minute (while the baby is screaming) frantically feeling myself up trying to feel if one is more full than the other.  When I received my NursElet I was relieved that a product had solved both of my problems!  And I can now wear shirts which is a relief because it will soon be too cool for dresses.

The NursElet velcros into a loop to secure your shirt while nursing OR pumping!  The velcro strip is pretty long so you can secure it as tight or as loose as you want and you can secure any type of shirt (haven’t tried it with an oversized sweater, but that may be the only type that it won’t work for, it will definitely work on a normal sweater).  Because it forms a ring around your shirt you just slide it over when you move to the next side instead of having to take it off and redo it.  When you’re not nursing, you can put the NursElet around your wrist like a bracelet on the side that you need to start on for the next feeding.  They come in cute patters so I just pair mine up with my other bracelets and no one has ever said anything to me about it.  If you are Super Mom and can remember what side you need to start with on your own, you can easily attach the NursElet to your diaper bag or stroller instead for convenience.

I love that this is a product that works for both nursing moms and pumping mom’s (Formula mom’s I love you too and I will try to find a product that is great for you during feedings!! Give me some ideas!)  I applaud mom’s who exclusively pump because it is SO.MUCH.WORK.  So a product that can help make their lives easier is something I definitely want to spread the word about.

The NursElet is one of those things where you’re like “why didn’t I think of that” haha.  It’s something you always wish you had but never knew the answer for.  I don’t leave my house without my NursElet.  Even on my dress days, because I use it to know which side.  I am telling you, it is something you will not regret getting yourself.  Plus they make fantastic and unique baby shower gifts!  To look at all the cute patterns and to order a NursElet click HERE! (p.s. the price includes shipping!!)

I’ve teamed up with NursElet to giveaway a $20 credit to their shop!  To enter go to my Instagram @rockabyebabyblog for all the details.


I received product in exchange for an unbiased review.  All reviews are 100% honest.

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