Imani Collective (GIVEAWAY!)

When it came to decorating our new home, I wanted simple but yet still made a statement.  Imani Collective encompasses that idea.  All of their pieces are hand sewn and simple, yet still unique and beautiful.  And the fact that each piece is handmade by an artisan in either Mombosa, Kenya or Dallas, TX, makes […]

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NoJo Bedding (Giveaway!)

For a full picture of the bedding in the nursery, click HERE! In the past I never felt a bedding set for my babies nurseries were important.  In fact, I never really thought their nurseries looking nice was a big deal ha!  I had boys and cute boy stuff is so hard to fine! I […]

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Hello Letter Boards

I love letter boards.  They can seriously be used for SO many things!  Announcement photos, parties and events, home decor, etc.  I’ve literally used mine in all of those ways in just the short 6ish months that I have had my board from Hello Letter Boards. On a day to day basis we have ours […]

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Lorena Canals Rugs

For more pictures of these rugs in my living room, click HERE !! There you’ll find the full home reveal post with several photos of these rugs! When looking for a rug in our home I needed one that would hold up from all of the traffic in the living room, especially from the kids.  […]

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Chipolo + GIVEAWAY!

The Chipolo is a little white keychain that you add to your keys, wallets, anything you don’t want to lose so that you can keep track of it.  If you do lose that item, you open the app and can see the last places you had the item and then ring the item so that […]

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NIKO Car Seat Cover

  Did you know that a study performed by the University of Birmingham found that carseats are twice as filthy as public toilets?!  Did you know that they found that carseats have 100 bacteria strains per square centimeter, including E. Coli and Salmonella?! I did not! GROSS!!  That’s why the NIKO was created!  I love […]

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Home Reveal!

Currently putting in our yard, woo-hoo!! But look at that view and this was taken on a crappy day, just 5 mins ago haha!!!  The view is the entire reason why we chose to build here! Building our home was . . . no words ha!  But we do love the home now, even if […]

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Midici Pizza (GIVEAWAY!)

When we were in Italy, specifically Naples, we fell in love with the pizza.  ahhhhh SO yummy.  Neapolitan pizza with the yummiest crust and freshest ingredients.  Since being home we have been on the search for pizza just as yummy and finally found it at Midici! It is located in Orem and attached to the […]

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PDQ in Lehi + Giveaway!

I’m a born and raised Carolina girl.  When I left NC to live in Utah back when I was 21, I used to call home and complain about how badly the food sucked here everyday ha!  Luckily, we have been able to live in AR, OK, TX, NC and CA since being married so I […]

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