Stone Cold Cryotherapy

yup… I did the craziness that is cryotherapy.  And guess what, I’m now crazy about IT!  I did a full week worth of cryotherapy (everyday) over at Stone Cold Cryotherapy at the Darper location.  I have chronic back issues.  I have had them for as long as I can remember in high school.  I just […]

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Vybe Socks (Giveaway!)

Um. raise your hand if you have bought cute, soft socks and they get holes in them after like 2 months.  I’m betting your hand is raised.  Same with socks for Mitch.  He wears socks every day of his life so he goes through socks like crazy.  And even if there aren’t holes in them, […]

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Dazi (Giveaway!)

There is nothing I love more than my man in a suit and tie.  Well, add in  him playing sports with our boys and you have a double whammy.  But seriously, all dressed up and looking sharp … oooo la la!  I am always on the search for new things to dress him up in […]

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Zyia Active (GIVEAWAY!)

I am always on the hunt for good athletic wear . . . well, because I wear athletic wear 99% of the time.  I want something comfy that I can wear all day and also comfy enough to exercise in.  I have several pieces from Zyia so that I could try them all out to […]

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Sexy Modest Jumpsuit

If I can combine style with comfort, then it’s my jam.  I normally forego style most days and focus on comfort because I’m a mom.  Of two monsters.  So I am going to be covered in snot, drool, poo and all the food by noon.  BUT I have found something even more comfy than my […]

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LulaRoe + Giveaway! FALL STYLE

LuLaRoe, we have all heard of it.  But we have all wondered- “is it worth it?”  Buttery soft, modest clothing, sounds worth it.  I can’t lie.  I won a pair of their leggings in a giveaway, one size.  Yeah, no.  One size does not fit long legs like mine.  And I am not curvy so […]

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