Formidable Swords + GIVEAWAY!

  Talk about FUN!!!!  These swords from Formidable Toys are freaking awesome!  I cannot even describe them any other way!  My boys saw them and freaked out!  They have been playing with them for a whole week since we got them which is not normal for my kids.  They are like a day and done […]

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His and Her’s Perfect Gifts!

Unique gifts are my jam!  But they are so hard to come up with!  I have found 2 products, one for him and one for her, that nail “unique!” For Him: A personalized tie from 21 Rhinos! You can have ties personalized with words or even a PHOTO!  I have never seen anything like it […]

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Indigo + Sage! (GIVEAWAY!)

Easy to buy, affordable clothing that fits great and is great quality … HOME RUN!  I have been loving Indigo and Sage lately!  It is an Instagram boutique and makes buying clothes so easy!! They post photos of what they have with the price shipped, then all you have to do is comment “sold and […]

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Lash Boost

  I have always had long lashes.  Well so I thought until I had Indy who seriously has the longest lashes on the planet.  But at least he gets it from his momma, right??  But really, my lashes have always been long.  But they haven’t been very full.  And of course, I wanted them to […]

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Baby Must Haves!

Notice how I didn’t title this “baby essentials” . . .  that’s because, let’s be real.  The only “essentials” you need are diapers, car seat, clothing, formula or breast milk and a blanket.  Baby’s don’t really NEED that much except some MAJOR love and attention.  But there are a few items that make giving them […]

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Bookroo (GIVEAWAY)

My kids love books.  They enjoy receiving books just as much as they like getting toys, and sometimes even more depending on the toy ha!  So when we received our Bookroo package my kids were SO happy.  They were grinning ear to ear and went off with their books to read for a while.  It […]

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