Nuby Holiday Gifts under $10!

I am a firm believer that little ones and especially babies do not need expensive gifts. Or even very many gifts. Just a few things to open and pull the wrapping paper off of. I like to get my tiny ones things that they need or that I would buy them anyway! I love buying […]

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More Nuby favs (giveaway!)

I really love Nuby products. I promise I get zero kick back from telling you about their products, I just truly to love them and believe in them. That’s why I share everytime I use new ones and love them! Plus they are well priced and affordable! Here are the ones we have tried out […]

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Yo Home Sperm Kit :: DISCOUNT!

Conceiving a baby isn’t actually as easy as it always seemed. For some it seems to be but in reality you can only get pregnant for like a few hours on one day each month. And that is if everything in both the male and female body involved are working perfectly! Isn’t that so crazy […]

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Nuby New 360 Cup!

  I have always loved Nuby cups… duh… I literally say it all the time!  Our favorite cups have always been the 360 cups.  They teach the kid how to drink out of a normal cup, but also don’t spill.  Our only complaint has been that when we put milk in it, it can be […]

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Collagen for Her +Discount Code

Collagen!  Everyone says to use it, but it kinda sucks to drink right?? And it isn’t cheap so it sucks to just carousel through multiple brands until you finally find one you like!  I have tried a couple and haven’t loved how they didn’t mix in to my drink.  Or I could still taste it […]

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Ultimate Sack!

  Before we even started building our house we decided that we wanted to do a theatre in our basement and in that theatre we wanted to have a big comfy sack for people to fit in.  No matter what the cost.  Mitch’s parents had a huge one in their basement when he and I […]

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