Lake Powell- 1 Us- 0

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Our cute friends the Taggart’s invited us to come to the lake with them and their cute friends the McAllister’s.  Neither Mitch nor I had ever been so it was an easy yes! haha!  We were SO excited and talked the entire way down there about how we couldn’t wait to get behind the boat.

We met at Wahweep and headed to where the houseboat was at the entrance to Navajo. We immediately clicked with the McAllister’s and we were all having so much fun!  I mean, how can you not in SUCH a beautiful place.  I was blown away by how phenomenal Lake Powell was.  It is incredible.  And the best part, Sam had anchored the houseboat on the most incredible beach that we had all to ourselves! Continue reading

Our Love Story.


Every couple, including us, gets asked all the time how they met.  I feel like everyone just loves love, so we all want to hear how everyone else fell in love.

Mitch and my story didn’t start out so lovely.  We met 6ish years ago at the gym bc duh, that’s the only place either of us spend our time ha (Gold’s Gym University REPRESENT).  I had on the Vibram 5 finger toe shoes because they feel so good on my high arches and Mitch asked me how I liked them.  I definitely thought he was just another guy trying to hit on a girl at the gym, because that is 100% what going to that specific gym is like.  It’s the gym where all BYU and UVU students go so it’s literally just a cesspool of people wanting to get married.  Marriage nor dating was not on my mind at all at the time (and later I found out it wasn’t on his either).  I brushed him off in typical Taylor fashion: trying to end a conversation but actually just awkwardly chatting because I don’t know how to stop. Continue reading

Vegas + Grand Canyon + Sedona!

We can’t sit still very long.  We have a constant need to travel.  But with the house being built we are “ballin’ on a budget”.  That’s my new motto.  So when Blake said he wanted to live in a castle Mitch had the great idea to plan a Vegas trip to stay in the good ol’ Excalibur hotel and then do a Grand Canyon trip on the way home-ish. Continue reading

Oia Oia! Day 11 + GIVEAWAY!

I have always wanted to go to Santorini.  When we planned our trip Mitch said that there just wasn’t going to be time, so instead of vetoing it, he called the airline and had them change our return flight to one day later!  That man!  We took a flight from Athens early in the morning and headed to the island of Thira aka Santorini.  I didn’t realize that Santorini was more than just the white buildings on the oceanside.  Each beach is SO different from each other.  My brother-in-laws girlfriend (wow that’s a lot haha) had told us to rent a 4-wheeler but we had totally forgotten.  And this was our biggest regret of the entire trip.  Since we had forgotten Mitch had found out all the details for us to take the bus to Oia, where all the white buildings are.  We got there early morning and it was dead, which was so nice because we felt like we had the whole little town to ourselves.  We walked around and explored and just rested.  Which we hadn’t gotten to do during the entire trip.   Continue reading

Hydroflask’n around Europe. {GIVEAWAY}


Every time we go on a trip we very quickly regret not bringing a water bottle.  Even when we go on cruises we regret not bringing one for when we are off the boat!  I was NOT making that mistake this time for Europe and I was not going to be constantly buying water from the store.  I teamed up with Hydroflask to ensure that we had cold water with us at all times!  Fun fact about Mitch: he ONLY drinks cold water.  So this was a big thing for him! Continue reading

Monasteries in the Sky DAY10

Kalambaka is like your small town USA.  One main street with lots of restaurants and bakeries that it literally all that there is.  The “train station” is just a platform where you just go hop on or off your train.  I was seriously surprised at how tiny this place was.  Right next to it is a tiny little village called Kastraki.  I was little weary that we were wasting a lot of time by coming here.  Mitch had read about these “monasteries in the sky” called Meteora and it was what he was most excited about for the whole trip.  I was not, at all.

Continue reading

Spring is Blooming with Jord!


I have posted about my Jord watch in the past (and have hosted a giveaway with them as well).  I love it!  It’s a wood watch which makes it completely unique than any other watch and yet it’s also light and comfortable.  I love that it is also the perfect piece for every season!  With it’s natural wood hue it can transition from snowy winter to blossoming spring! Continue reading

Crystal Waters and Paper Balls DAY 9


So, I actually forgot a couple of things from Day 8 that were way cool!  So excuse me while I add them to this post!

I forgot to mention that we went to the first cemetery of Athens.  It is where the famous statue of “The Sleeping Girl” is and is also where many famous Greek people are buried.  It is a really beautiful cemetery.  It is full of tombs that you can actually walk in to.  So one of them had the door just propped up against it.  Mitch just grabbed the door to fix it, thinking it was one of the ones you could walk in and the people were buried underneath a concrete thing inside, NOPE.  Bones.  Right there.  I’m talking the whole body of bones just laying right inside.   Continue reading

“Parthenon, Pantheon? Whatever it is” DAY 8

We started the morning by searching the city for a place that still had spanakopita.  It was like 10 AM and pretty much every place was sold out!  We finally found a place who made us a fresh batch and it was sooo good!  We spent the rest of the day seeing all of the ancient sites of Athens.  When you go to get your tickets for Acropolis you can buy just the Acropolis ticket or you can get a ticket to see all of the ancient ruins in the city.  We did the latter ONLY because Mitch had planned for it so we had literally the entire day.  After doing it all, we decided that we would have rather have done Acropolis only then spent the rest of the day at the beach haha!  Well, actually, you can see most of the ruins from the outside of the gates.  Once you get in, you are just walking beside what you already saw from outside.  So we would have saved the money and walked to every spot then gone to the beach.  Either way it was all cool to see!  We had gyros for lunch and they were just as amazing as we expected them to be, but I have to say we loved the solvaki from our favorite little joint more haha! Continue reading

My Big Fat Greek Vacation DAY 7

Our favorite country! I finally get to share our adventures in our favorite country with you guys!  My cousin dropped us off at the airport for our flight to Greece.  I tried hard to get them to join us but I had no luck!  And if you know me at all, then you know I don’t do goodbyes.  So I was definitely emotional once we got in to the airport, which is SO typical for me haha!  We flew with Aegean Airlines and looooooved them.  They give you a legitimate meal no matter how long your flight is!

We got to Athens and were greeted with a fun, musical Syntagma Square.  The whole feel of Greece is just so much fun.  We checked in to our Airbnb which was a historic mansion right in the middle of the city.  It was perfect and so cook.  I mean, the owners were high as a kite and the whole 3rd floor wreaked of pot, but we were on the 2nd so it was all good haha! Continue reading